PARC 55+ News: December 17, 2018

We had a wonderfully engaging time with contract bridge even though there were only two pairs of us there for regular bridge playing. 

The brilliant and charming  Beth Hotchkiss however, made  the top score of 2710 and Aubrey Christie very close behind  with 2310. 

It was good  to see  a rather big number out for bridge lessons: four tables of  four at each table.   They do not report scores but we will have to have a meeting about that in the new year. 

There was also a good number out for cribbage making enough for two tables of four each.
The talented top regular player, Gwen Evans,  got the  low low  winning low of 9 and a regular low scorer, Marie Melanson,  got the not too-high of 109.  

Thanks for coming out folks and for the skilled playing that makes it challenging for every one.  

There will be no more scores to report till the New Year since there will be no games on Mondays until 2019. 
                                               Happy New Year every one!