PARC 55+ News: March 11, 2019

Monday afternoon games time was another successful gathering for fun and games.

There were very few out both for cribbage and contract bridge:  one table of four for each group.  There were probably four tables of four each however out for bridge lessons given by Allan and Leslie Wilson.  They certainly sounded like they had a wonderful time.

The winners’ scores for cribbage and bridge saw no new names and no outstanding results:  For cribbage Bill Morley was the big low scorer with 51 and the high score was made by a normally low scorer, Germaine Roy,  with 133.  In contract bridge we saw no earth  shattering scores but some fine astute playing by Beth Hotchkiss who racked up 2380 points and the brilliant and charming Joyce Chapman achieved the admirable score of 1440.  Congratulations folks on some skilled playing.

We surely hope to see you all back at the Rotary Hall of the Port Elgin plex next Monday afternoon at 1:00 p.m.  … bring a friend!