PARC 55+ News: May 1, 2019

Monday afternoon games time was its wonderful exhilarating time together for the seniors of the Parc 55 plus association. 

The exuberant cribbage folks had a hoot trying to out-count each other with the following results:  the low winner was extremely low with a big zero made by Jim O’Conner but the high of 75 seems to have been made by a distant relative of his, Jane O’ Connor. 

The bridge player numbers were greatly outnumbered by the cribbage players since there were only two tables of four.   However, they displayed a wonderfully co-operative attitude toward each other in their playing. 

The scores were dominated by two talented skilled  players:  Aubrey Christy with 3920 points and right on his heels was the illustrious Art Grady with 3860.  Congratulations folks for your skilled and patient playing. 

Please come out next week at the same time (1:00 p.m.) on Monday afternoon at the Plex in Port Elgin … and bring a friend.