PARC 55+ News – October 30, 2018

Monday afternoon games time was  again an uplifting occasion with some out standing results.
In contract bridge the results showed no new names.  Carol Wallberg got the top score with 3830 and only a few points behind that brilliant lady was the skilled Art Grady with 3790.  Good going folks with those scores. We are sure you can do that again next time  on Monday afternoon. 
The cribbage scorers  saw no new faces but only charming young faces:  The winning score was 7 by a real pro, Marie Melanson and the high was made by a brilliant usual low scorer,  Germaine Roy with 49 ( not too high at all). 
Hope to see you all out again next  Monday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. in the rotary hall of the Port Elgin PLex.  Be  careful and stay out of trouble this time .