PC Optimum now at Mac’s Convenience in Southampton

Customers at Mac’s Convenience Store in Southampton will notice a change after the gas pumps were changed over to Esso today (March 12th).

Not only have the pumps and gas changed but now customers can use their PC Optimum card to redeem points.

Loblaws and Imperial Esso announced today (March 12th) they have teamed up, following Esso’s move away from Aeroplan.

The result is that Loblaws PC Optimum members/card holders will now be able to earn points on fuel purchases at Esso pumps.

PC Optimum members will earn 10 points per litre on fuel and on each dollar spent on eligible convenience items in the store and registered members may also receive targeted offers.

Those with physical PC Optimum cards can simply swipe their card at the pump to collect points. If you don’t have or use a physical card, you’ll be able to enter the phone number associated with your account at the pump instead.

Those looking to accelerate their point earnings can also use a PC Financial Mastercard and earn at least 30 points per litre of fuel. Another way to potentially earn more points is through bonus offers. To receive bonus offers you’ll need to register for personalized offers in the PC Optimum app or at pcoptimum.ca.


Store owner Amandeept Lamba and wife, Harsimran Rajput (file photo Saugeen Times 2017)


“We are looking forward to the new partnership,” says Mac’s store owner Amandeept Lamb.  “It is something new for both us and our customers but I think it will be a win-win.”





“The PC Optimum loyalty program will reward our loyal customers for their everyday purchases and gives them opportunities to earn more PC Optimum points,” adds Jon Wetmore, vice president, Imperial Downstream. “This is an exciting collaboration that demonstrates Imperial’s continuing commitment to investing in product innovation and industry-leading marketing and reward programs.”