Pedaling Possibilities raising awareness with cross-Canada ride

During our recent camping outing at Kilsyth Country Campground, I had the great opportunity to meet these people, Kev (Kevin Mills), NikkiD (Nikki Davenport) and Candace (motorhome driver).

              (L) Kevin Mills, Nikki Davenport and Larry McIntosh (Stix Man)

Kev is a quadriplegic from Newmarket Ontario. Before his injury, he was employed as an acute care paramedic in Toronto and was an athlete.

In 2009, while at a destination wedding, he was out in the ocean when a large wave picked him up and tossed him onto the sand face first. The short story is that he was spinal cord injured.

After surgery in Toronto, he was still paralyzed from the chest down including his hands but now has some use of his arms and shoulders. [You can Google & read of the challenges he had to get to this point.]

NikkiD as Kev calls her, is his best friend. She was and still is, his physical trainer. It was her idea to ride across Canada from Cape Spear in Newfoundland to the farthest tip west, Tofino, on Vancouver Island. They started out on May 24th and hope to arrive in late September/early October.

Kev’s three-wheel bike has a power assist for the steep hills. The handle grips slide into his hands and brace along his arms as his arm rotation powers the bike.

While they have the route planned out, many things can change their stops, such as weather, construction, bike maintenance, health, availability, etc.

During discussion, one thing they have found is that campgrounds might charge them a minimum of a two night stay even though they may only spend one night. They use the motorhome to stay in and as their support vehicle.

Their website gives a lot more detail and, as they are a non-profit group, there is a DONATE button. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m wishing them a successful healthy trip …

The Stix Man
Larry McIntosh

*The plan is to pass through Owen Sound to Lion’s Head, then travel from Lion’s Head to Tobermory on July 21st and 22nd.