People who should know better are acting deplorably when it comes to PPE litter

To the Editor:
“By now, we have all heard the Canadian rally plea; “Stop the Spread”. This may well be having a positive effect with maintaining social distance in an effort to flatten the Covid-19 spread. However, a secondary pandemic has sprung up for which there appears to be little awareness.
Garbage is being discarded at the side of town and county roads with little regard for our environment. Worse still, in addition to the plastic bottles, coffee cups, take out containers, cigarette butts/packages and general trash there is a newcomer to this unwelcome roadside garbage … numerous plastic gloves, surgical masks and antiseptic wipes are being found, especially in the vicinity of Grocery stores.
This is utterly deplorable and infuriating! People who have sufficient awareness to protect themselves while shopping, are consciously discarding their PPE, endangering the health of of grocery store workers and anyone cleaning up these discarded items. This is NOT what Canadians do!!ย  ย This is not acceptable.
Stop the litter! Take that extra 4 or 5 seconds to properly dispose of your trash. Do not place others at risk. Think about keeping Saugeen Shores clean and healthy.ย  We all have the ability. Please take the responsibility.โ€
Dave and Helen Armchuk
Southampton, Ontario