Personal Reflections: Acts of Kindness make a Difference


In reflecting back at the past two to three years in the throws of a pandemic that constituted lockdowns, isolation, quarantines and many other changes that happened, I would have thought that, as we move back to some kind of normalcy, outlooks would have changed.

I guess I thought we would see a kinder, more civil society. One where people truly appreciated front-line workers, those who persevered through the countless lockdowns to ensure that our needs were met.  The grocery store clerk who ensured we had food; the hardware store clerk who ensured that we had the necessary supplies if we had a home emergency; the police who were still out there doing their job.  Of course, it goes without saying that our health care and long-term care workers were put to the ultimate test to the point of burn-out.

Instead, what I am hearing and what I have personally seen, are angry people who are disrespectful to essential and front-line workers and who appear to feel they have some sort of entitlement.  Why is that I wonder? Why does the world seem upside down?

Why would a 14-year-old girl in her first job be subjected to verbal abuse because a ‘customer’ felt she was too slow at meeting his essential needs, for a coffee, with the result that she was reduced to tears?

Why would a cyclist when asked not to ride on the sidewalk as someone might be hurt, use profanity toward the person and tell him not to speak to her as it was none of his business?

On the other side of the coin however, is the employee who provides the bare minimum of service and is rude with customers, who are the base of his/her employment.  A smile goes a long way.

Where has the civility gone?

In an attempt to try to create a more ‘positive’ tone, we are challenging readers to submit their positive experiences.  If someone makes your day with a positive, friendly, helpful outlook that makes you feel life is worthwhile, let us know where and when the experience happened.  If you happen to get the person’s first name, let us know that too and we will feature him/her/the location in our upcoming “Making a Difference” column.

For employers, while customers are your focus, you can’t forget about your employees. In fact, they’re the backbone of your entire operation. If your employees aren’t happy, how can they provide a happy experience for your customers?  If you have an employee who always meets and greets customers with a happy attitude, let us know – they should, and will, be recognized.

 Acts of Kindness: Making a Difference