Pet Patter contest continues

Pet Patter contest continues.

There are still six weeks remaining in the Pet Patter contest.  “We’ve had some very interesting and cute submissions,” says Joilene, “and we look forward to seeing more of pet owners with their pets and they don’t necessarily have to be furry ones!”

There are going to be three winners chosen … 1st prize -a lunch for two at Southampton’s popular Armen’s Cafe; 2nd prize – a $25 gift certificate for you and your pet at Pet Value; 3rd prize – a $20 Tim Hortons gift certificate.

‘Look-a-likes’ and ‘cuties’ are being posted each Sunday until May 31st.  Join the fun for a chance to win.

Send your digital photos to Att: Pet Patter

Today’s (Apr. 14/19) submissions are unique and adorable:

        Nancy Spencer and ‘Spence’ –                                definitely look-a-likes

  In competition for ‘cutest’ is ‘Snoopy Mercer’