Phase one of Bruce Road 25 to be completed in 2019

Working with Bruce County, Saugeen Shores will be completing phase one of the storm sewer outlet on Bruce Road 25 (commonly known as the CAW Rd.)  from Shipley Avenue to the waterfront at Gobles Grove Beach.  It is not funded through taxation.

Vice Deputy Mayor Mike Myatt asked if phase one will include the ‘swale’ system at the outlet on the waterfront shore but, according to Director of Infrastructure and Development, Amanda Froese, there will be no swale installed.  Instead, there will be an outlet to a ‘plunge pool’ where the water will infiltrate and, when the plunge pool capacity is exceeded, the water level will raise and flow over towards the lake.  “No swale will be installed to the water’s edge because that would continue to erode and there would be complaints lodged about the water course down to the lake,” said Froese.  “Therefore, we are hoping that all water will be mitigated at the lip through infiltration.  We have designed all the storm sewers on upper table lands to infiltrate and they take a two-year design storm to handle 90 per cent of the rain that we experience.  The number of times we see the plunge pools exceeding capacity are minimal and through working with the SVCA (Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority), Community Services and Public Works staff, the better decision is to let maintenance grooming occur when that happens.”

Myatt pointed out that the Port Elgin Beachers’ Association is “… very keen on the development of a landscaped swale system so will this be communicated with the Beachers’ Association in terms of the landscape plan for which they were willing to contribute.”

Froese said that communications with the Association would continue and that a consultation communications plan was being worked on to learn about things such as the importance of planting grasses and that landscaping will still need to be done once the project has had time “… to settle”.  Landscaping however will not be done until 2020 with a plan that satisfies both the Beachers and the Town as well as the SVCA.  She also confirmed that there will be a multi-use lane along Bruce 25 for cyclists and pedestrians.