Poppies from around the world sent to Niagara Museum

Elizabeth Lundy Knit and Crochet Society

On Remembrance Day, the Niagara Falls History Museum commemorated those who protected our freedoms and, with a little help from the global community, created an amazing art installation of poppies cascading over the Museum.

The Poppy Project is a collaborative community art project by the Niagara Falls History Museum in conjunction with Stick’N Needles, a Niagara Falls stitching guild. The museum reached out to the public and asked them to knit and crochet poppies to be included in a large-scale art installation. The response was overwhelming, with over 11,000 poppy donations coming from every province in Canada, twenty-five different states in the United States, as well as Denmark and New Zealand. Heartfelt letters accompanied many of the poppies, dedicating them to family members who fought and died in the numerous wars that have affected the world.

The poppies were displayed on both the exterior and the interior of the historic 1874 stone building. Local artists Joanne Ring and Emily Andrews were brought on board to help design the pieces.

  • Number of Poppies: 11,000 (and counting)
  • Estimated Number of Hours Spent Knitting/Crocheting: 4,500
  • Number of Hours Spent Affixing Poppies to Netting: 670