Port Elgin candidate gives her views to public’s questions

The following are answers to public questions by candidate Jami Smith of Port Elgin.  Several other candidates have also replied – go to Elections 2018 (under the heading Politics) on Saugeen Times.
What is the biggest challenge for Saugeen Shores around development?
We are in an enviable situation with our growing population in Saugeen Shores.  Saugeen Shores continues to see population and economic growth that many rural communities in this province, in fact this country, would aspire to have. 
With any growth comes the responsibility to manage it appropriately, including; upgrades to infrastructure to meet our growing needs, diversification of residential neighbourhoods to provide more affordable housing, continued enhancements to our natural assets that promote Saugeen Shores as a tourist destination, social and recreational programming and facilities to make our community the community of choice for new residents. All the while maintaining the charm and identity of our cherished community. 
Our biggest challenge will be ensuring the facilities and services are available to support the growth without putting unreasonable pressure on our tax base.
Do you support the proposed Innovation Centre for Southampton? 
I wholeheartedly support the Ontario Nuclear Innovation Institute.  Through innovation, Canada developed the Candu Nuclear reactor in the late 1950s. The development of a Ontario Nuclear Innovation Institute will no doubt, help to spur further groundbreaking innovations and economic growth, which will further cement Canada as an innovative leader in the nuclear industry. I am proud to have Saugeen Shores house a facility with such enormous potential. 
This development further increases the diversification of the Saugeen Shores economy by adding a stream of knowledge and educational tourism which provide tangible and intangible value to our community. The Institute may provide opportunities for local youth to further enhance their understanding of nuclear technology and craft trades.
Where do you stand on preserving the Hwy. 21 corridors as a greenspace vs. development 
I believe in presenting ourselves as an inviting and welcoming community.  This may include changes or enhancements to the corridors.  As our community’s popularity grows, this will continue to be a prominent topic.  Our elected officials shall endeavour to find the right balance between development and maintaining our rural roots, while also ensure fiscal responsibility for any undertakings. 
What changes, if any would you like to see in the two downtown cores of Port Elgin and Southampton?
Our downtown cores consist of unique and diverse set of entrepreneurs. Our business owners contribute significantly to the unique charm of our community.  Our community groups work tirelessly to produce special events and attractions that help to solidify Saugeen Shores as a top tourist destination and ultimately a wonderful place to live.  
I believe in a municipal government that embraces progress and strives to improve services that support and encourage existing and new businesses to prosper in Saugeen Shores.  
In addition, I fully support any enhancements to the flow of traffic from the beaches to our downtown cores, including our pursuit of a Bike Friendly Community status.
Do you support nuclear power? 
As a proud Nuclear Professional for the last ten years, I fully support Nuclear Power.
Nuclear Power is a meaningful part of many families lives in our community, providing employment opportunities to more than 30% of the residents in Saugeen Shores. 
Bruce Power in particular, is the world’s largest operating Nuclear facility, producing 30% of Ontario’s electricity and 30% less than the average cost.  All the while, Bruce Power continues to be a proud community partner to Saugeen Shores. 
Bruce Power’s Major Component Replacement (MCR) will support 22,000 direct and indirect jobs annually, and will provide $4 Billion in annual domestic economic benefit.  I personally work in Bruce Power’s Supply Chain Division, where we strive to acquire 90% of goods and services in Ontario, helping to create jobs throughout the province. 
In addition to producing safe, carbon-free electricity, Ontario’s nuclear power plants also produce medical isotopes which are used to save lives around the world.