Port Elgin Legion Branch 340: December, 2021

Port Elgin Legion Branch 340 is slowly beginning to open up for in-person activities.

In the recent December bulletin, Legion points out that hall rentals are now continuing, the Club room is open and the Christmas Toy Drive and Christmas Basket Raffle are underway with proceeds earmarked for youth programs in the community.


President’s Message

Is it just me or is time flying by very quickly this fall!!!

Cde Alex Taylor has once again run a very successful Poppy Campaign. It started with members stuffing envelopes for the Poppy Fundraising AD Mail Campaign. These envelopes were sent to all the homes, apartments and businesses in Port Elgin. This went fairly quickly thanks to his great team of volunteers. This was followed by other members who canvassed poppies at various locations in town to give that personal touch to accepting donations.

The Air Cadet canvassers are also to be recognized for their time and for supporting the Branch. Yet, another group of volunteers spent hours to count the money that was donated. I would like to thank all of these dedicated volunteers and a huge thanks for a job well done.

I would be remiss if I did not thank all of the businesses, groups, organizations and families who also supported our Poppy Campaign by purchasing wreaths. Even with the pandemic and uncertain times these businesses and all still supported the campaign and it is truly appreciated.

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