Port Elgin Legion Branch 340: March News 2019

Traditionally, November is recognized as a month for remembering Veterans who have served in the military and the Poppy has become a symbol of support for them.

In the March newsletter of Port Elgin Branch 340, Poppy Chairman Alex Taylor reminds everyone that the poppy is, in fact, a year-round effort to help Veterans at home and abroad.

“If any member is aware of any veteran, whether a Legion member of not who may need assistance,” he says, “please do not hesitate to contact me or Gregg Briggs, our Branch Service Officer.  We can then contact the veteran directly to assess any suport that might be needed.”

Taylor adds that donations can also be made throughout the year.  “We look forward to seeing every one of you, our members and friends, participating in events over upcoming year as we continue to strive to assist and comfort our Veterans who have served us so well!”