Port Elgin residents evacuated due to gas leak

Residents at a Skyline apartment building on Ivings Drive in Port Elgin were temporarily evacuated on Tuesday morning (Aug.3rd) due to a gas leak.

Saugeen Shores Fire Department and Enbridge gas company were called in when the gas leak was discovered.


The leak occurred when a company contracted to removed dead trees and their stumps, severed a gas line leading to one of the buildings in the complex which resulted in Enbridge having to turn off the main gas supply line to the property.

                                                     Severed gas pipe
               Locates indicated by markers


According to a technician on-site, ‘locates’ had not be done which is a prerequisite when digging, particularly with heavy machinery.

According to Enbridge, “though pipelines are identified by above-ground markers, the markers should never be used as a reference for the exact location of the pipeline. Also, as the depth of pipelines and other underground utilities can change over the years due to erosion, previous digging projects or uneven surfaces, there are varying depths to underground systems. That’s why it’s important to contact your local provincial one-call service provider, or Enbridge directly, at least three days before you do any type of excavation.”

Once the gas was turned off, residents were allowed to re-enter their suites.