‘Positive Ticketing’ school campaign now on

Students have not seen a physical classroom since the middle of March due to Covid-19 restrictions.  We recognize the “new normal” could be stressful on children and parents a like. The Saugeen Shores Police Service would like to help make this transition as smooth as possible.

Constable Stacey Gordon has organized a “Positive Ticketing” campaign to recognize students who are doing good deeds or following the law.  For example if a student is wearing a bike helmet or assisting their peers in any way they may be rewarded with a “positive ticket”.

In line with our service’s mission statement “To Serve and Protect in Partnership With the Community”, we have partnered with the Wismer House Restaurant and Fun in the Sun Ice Cream Parlour in Southampton.  The Wismer House has issued tickets for “free” French fries while Fun in the Sun has issued tickets for “free” ice cream.

“This positive ticketing campaign is an excellent way for our officers to build relationships with the youth in the area, as well as promote local business”, said Constable Gordon.

The campaign runs while supplies last.