Pride in Saugeen Shores is celebrated

Pride month in Saugeen Shores began on June 1st by making an important public gesture towards the LGBTQ2+ community.

Mayor Luke Charbonneau joined Saugeen Shores Police Chief Kevin Zettel, along with other town officials, staff and business leaders, to hoist the Rainbow Flag today in Port Elgin to recognize June as Pride Month.

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“As our community continues to grow, so does the diversity of its residents”, said Mayor Charbonneau. “Raising the Rainbow Flag demonstrates that, no matter who you are and no matter who you love, everyone is welcome in Saugeen Shores. No matter how dark or violent a storm, the clouds will part, the sun will shine and a rainbow will appear.  As we raise this flag today, we say to everyone in our community no matter what you are going through, your neighbours and community are there for you.”

I am very proud to display this important symbol at our Town office.”

                                                          (L) Mayor Luke Charbonneau addressed the crowd
Brade Stanton

Local LGBTQ2+ activist Brade Stanton, who has cottaged in the area as a child and who has recently moved to Port Elgin, attended the event and spoke a few words .  “When you raise the Pride flag, you are letting those who have struggled to overcome oppression, hate and violence, know that their fight and their lives mean something.  You are also telling youth that whoever they are and whoever they want to love is ok and to live the best life they can without fear.   By creating a community of inclusion, you are saying that it is ok to accept yourself.

You are telling people that they are safe here and that they matter.  You are moving forward without forgetting the past and you are helping to create a better community and a better world that has a place for everyone.  I thank the Town of Saugeen Shores for welcoming me today.”

   Brad Stanton raises the Pride flag with Chief Zettel and Mayor Charbonneau 

This was the Town’s first public Pride Ceremony since the pandemic began.  The flag will fly alongside the Canadian flag for the entire month, except for June 21st, when the Town will temporarily remove the Rainbow Flag for National Indigenous Peoples Day.