Proposed amendment should not be approved says reader

To the Editor:

I am writing in regards to a Proposed Amendment to the Saugeen Shores Official Plan.  The proposal is to allow for consideration of development within a Significant Woodland Area similar to other Special Policy Areas for Significant Woodland within the Town.  The area includes the existing woodlands east of the trailer park, between Island Street and Bay Street and the woodlands/wetlands south of Bay Street and east of Huron Street.

I am a lifelong seasonal resident and now a permanent resident of the area impacted by this Proposal.  The Plan was put in place to protect the noted areas as significant woodlands and wetlands.  They provide home for an abundance of wildlife and aquatic life.  They provide a natural storm water retention facility for the area and help protect our shoreline and beaches.  

The ultimate purpose of this proposed amendment is to erect buildings and pave roads.  Doing this will destroy the natural habitat and substantially increase the storm water flow.  The natural retention of storm water will be eliminated and the water will be directed into the storm drains and creeks causing an unmanageable surge.  This will have a significant impact on the Bay Street storm drain, its outflow and the adjacent shoreline.  It will have similar impacts on the other creeks involved. 

I do not believe that this proposal is in the long term best interests of the community, its residents or its environment.  This proposed amendment should not be approved.

Eric Tolton, 

Lake Street, Southampton