Public deserves answers says reader

To the Editor:
The following is a letter sent to the Town following its Council meeting on Monday, March 25th.
Dear Councillors, in particular Councillors Myatt, Halpin, Deputy Mayor Huber, and the Mayor;
I appreciate the comments made at the Council meeting regarding youth activities.
The youth activities mentioned are all great and available to families that live in Saugeen Shores, however Tourism is key to the health of this town and local businesses. Visitors are not signing their kids up for swimming lessons, camps, or the beach volleyball league when they only come for the day, or a week or two of holidays.
I know there are reasons that the bingo and beach carnivals are no more.  Yes, times change and we have to change with them, however there is a major difference in the recreational activities provided to local youth and tourists at the Port Elgin Beach compared to the past that need to be mentioned.
What do we have now? One set of climbers well past its prime and four swings.
 (The splash pad is not within walking distance of the beach for visiting families)
What was there ten years ago? Three sets of swings, climbers, train rides, mini-putt, weekly beach flea market, the Bruce Power Party, and in 2023 the Fire Rescue Competition.  These were all extremely popular.
Are any of these returning as a result of the lease with Cedar Crescent Village? No.  The proponent says he will provide the event hall to vendors on Wednesdays, but that is at least two years away and has been non-existent for the past four years so what are the chances that these vendors will return?
Mr. Mann tried to respond and clarify that he was speaking about the beach, not all the recreational activities available for Town youth. Unfortunately he was cut off by the Mayor and not allowed to remind Council of the appropriate scope to his topic. I realize that the agenda is full and the Mayor is trying to stick to procedural policies, but I have seen many a delegation go beyond the ten minutes and seen many speakers allowed to add information to their delegation.
I found the Mayor very disrespectful of these gentlemen who took the time and effort to present their concerns.  They deserved better and the Public deserves answers.
Patricia Corrigan-Frank
Port Elgin Beach Preservers