Pumpkinfest weigh-in winners

When it comes to Pumpkinfest in Port Elgin (Saugeen Shores), one of the most exciting events is the annual weigh-off of giant pumpkins and vegetables.

                                                                Giant pumpkins and squash


The weigh-off location at the ‘Missionary Church’ in Port Elgin was filled to capacity as people gathered to see the giant vegetables and pumpkins.

Winners at the Day 1 Weigh-in

Pumpkin                   Jane & Phil Hunt           1,771.5 lbs
Squash                     Todd Kline                      1,154.5 lbs
Watermelon              John Butler                        124.5 lbs
Field pumpkin           Douglas Court                    122.5 lbs
Long Gourd              John Butler                         127.7 lbs
Cabbage                   Ryan Hicks                           46.0 lbs
Tomato                     Fred Hain                              5.2 lbs
Sunflower                 John Butler                          26.ft.7 in.    (North American Record)
Cornstalk                  Art Johnston                        19.ft.5 in
Sunflower face          Karen Layton                        20.0 in.
Bushel gourd            Jeff Warner                         234.5 lbs
Special Gourd           Chris Lyons                           97.0 lbs
Other                       Ryan Hicks                            21.5 lbs


                       North American record holder for sunflower height

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