Rail Trail Association statement on motorized use on the Trail

Saugeen Shores Rail Trail Association Statement
As most of you know, we have consistently voiced opposition to any motorized use of any portions of the Saugeen Rail Trail System, including as noted in our deputation to the Town Council. As you also know, notwithstanding that, the Town has decided to allow portions of the trail, and also the Mill Creek Bridge, to be accessed by Snowmobiles in winter. We still oppose such use, but the Town has made its decision.
To date, the bridge has already been opened up to snowmobiles, and indeed ATVs have also been seen on it. Several of you have raised concerns about this, and also raised concerns with the current state of the bridge, including with respect to the slippery conditions on the bridge from the sheeting recently placed on it to facilitate snowmobile use (water and ice pooling, uneven surface, etc.). We appreciate your concerns and have forwarded them to both the town and the county.
We advise you to use extreme caution in that area and direct concerns to both the town and the county to ensure they are aware of them and can take requisite action.
As you know, our mandate is to maintain non-motorized trail usage, and to that end, our insurance does not cover motorized use on the trails. Given that portions of the trail past Louis Street and the Mill Creek bridge now have been opened up to motorized use, we intend that our obligations, as set out in the lease agreement we are negotiating with the Town, will terminate at the intersection of the trail and Louis Street. We do not plan to accept any obligations relating to the trail past that point.
We will continue our work on the balance of the trail extending northwards through Port Elgin and into Southampton and continue to hope for and look forward to everyone’s support on this front.