Reader concerned with Port Elgin break-wall design

To Saugeen Shores & Editor:
We’ve been watching the reconstruction of the breakwall over the past nine months. As it is nearing completion and concrete to be poured soon, I have some questions and concerns.
The huge water plumes created when the lake is rough will be dangerous, if left as it is. Most breakwalls have a 45 degree vertical angle on the lake side. Will the new one have such a feature to mitigate wave height?
Alternatively, will this one have large rocks placed along the length on the lake side of the breakwall to reduce the splash up? The north wing does. This should be done while the temporary road is still there.
If not, how will Saugeen Shores control people from walking the breakwall when the huge water plumes are splashing over it? This should be seriously considered now, before someone drowns or is seriously injured.
I might point out that the old breakwall had blowholes to relieve the upward pressure of the waves.  Will this be included in this design?
I know you all have a full plate now, however , it is something that must be considered now.
Daniel Frank