Reader disagrees with proposed Innovation Institute location

To the Editor:
I recently watched this discussion (Innovation Institute) on-line via the council web-cast. I think that it is a great idea and, for now, it appears that the majority of Council appeared to think that the identified choice location adjacent to the Museum is a good choice.
Personally, I do not agree.  This location is too small for the overall purpose of an Innovation Centre.  It will act as a magnet to draw other associated hi-tech. businesses such as those Bruce Power has accomplished at the south end of Port Elgin.
As an example check out, , this was initiated by McMaster University in Hamilton about 12 years ago. They took possession of an old Westinghouse building located in an industrial area with approximately 5 acres of land. The park has now expanded to about 50 acres with about 50 business related ventures employing in excess of 500 people. While McMaster still has a presence, the Park now has its own Management team. I am not trying to compare these two concepts, just to show what is achievable.
I also agree with Councilor Grace’s comments, that this was not a very well-prepared presentation by Bruce Power. I would also draw attention to the presentation given by Laura Robinson at the Council meeting on July 9, 2018, where her presentation addresses the chosen location of the Innovation Centre re pedestrian safety.
I would like to think that this project will be built somewhere in Bruce County but it does not have be built in a downtown location.
Allan Murray