Reader issues an election challenge

To the Editor:

Councilors have often spoken of their support for the Train yet a deal could not be made.

Beware the incumbent who still blames the Train¬†owners for not cooperating in receiving a new long term and fair lease! That is simply not the truth.¬† A three-level condo¬†with bar is the latest rumour for ‚Äúfuture development‚ÄĚ.

Strong public support for the Train was ignored. Why? And why were council voices suddenly silent when push came to shove to save the Train?

Challenge: Incumbents….broker a fair, long- term lease¬†with the Train owners before it sells. The caveat is this:¬†do it before the election and I ľll consider voting for you.

Perhaps new Mayor Charbonneau will recognize the¬†damage done by those who think ‚Äúfuture development‚Ä̬†can out weigh having the only steam-powered 24-gauge¬†Train in Canada. What a great tone that would set.

An earlier Master Plan completed for the town had¬†unanimously agreed that the beach remain a ‚Äúfamily¬†orientated¬®‚ÄĚ destination. Even in this fast development¬†era, a new council needs to restore and respect that¬†community belief.

Wayne McGrath, Port Elgin.