Reader lays it on the line when it comes to defacing property

To the Editor:

I am thoroughly appalled and disgusted with the apparent lack of respect and obvious lack of any mental capacity to reason that these people/person displayed when they thought, “Hey let’s be complete idiots and spend the night defacing personal property.”  My question is directed to these “wannabe thugs.   It’s pretty simple for the majority of us who actually do have a brain and conscience.   Why????
I can’t for the life of me figure out the answer.  Are you angry just because you never received the attention you felt you deserved as a child?  Did you miss out on the promotion you felt you should have received, but didn’t.  Did your relationship fail, for obvious reasons?  Are you that pathetic and bored that the only thing you could think to do in the middle of the night was to deface such a beautiful town with a great history and pride from the people who live there.
So, if you happen to think for one moment that this act of lunacy will destroy our community, perhaps you should take your head out of your arse or perhaps, for all concerned you should just leave it there.
A Bruce County Girl
(We have withheld the name for fear of retribution)