Reader urges others to read Mayor Elect’s letter to the Editor

To the Editor:
I have read through the most recent letters on your web site regarding the above subject, however I am not now sure if I understood the purpose of the 3 public meetings held by Bruce Power. My understanding was that Bruce Power was looking for feedback on their proposal also, their preferred location for this facility, I responded to their request. However after reading these letters, the impression is given by some of these letters, that if the location was not accepted by the residents of Saugeen Shores, then they, Bruce Power were leaving town.
I was unaware of the two earlier meetings set up by Bruce Power, however I did attend the meeting at the Plex. The meeting set-up was different from what I expected, that’s OK. I did visit each of the booths, spent a couple of hours there, enjoyed the snacks and the coffee, thank you. Filled out the comment sheets as requested, discussed the project with five Saugeen Shores councilors, who were in attendance at the meeting. All were in favour of the proposal, especially our new mayor elect. Yes, there was some commotion for a short time.  I am sure that Bruce Power studied all of the comments received through their overall process, more closely than the effect of a short time commotion in an open public meeting.
The day following the meeting at the Plex, I called Cathy McGirr, Director at the museum requesting if I could sit down with her to discuss the issue and to further educate myself on the subject matter. Cathy said sure, come on in. I also walked the preferred site several times visualizing the building in place and the effect that it would have on the adjacent landscape. We live close by to the museum, again I jumped on my bike and visited the parking areas suggested. After following this process, I then sent a letter to Cathy expressing my opinions, overall agreeing with the concept but not with the preferred location.
We now know that Bruce Power has decided, based on public feedback received, that they will look for an alternative location for the Institute. As I have commented earlier, our mayor elect Luke Charbonneau was strongly in favour of the preferred location. I suggest that readers, read his letter on this site, no negativity in it.  He accepts Bruce Power’s decision and requests that we work together to find a location suitable to Bruce Power in Saugeen Shores.
Allan Murray