Reader wants to be convinced before buying electric vehicle

To the Editor:
We have heard nothing but the pros supporting electric vehicles and we are to assume they are a thing of the future but there are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding them.
Among the questions are the cost of a standard electrical vehicle, how long does a battery last, how much does a new battery cost, what’s the average cost to have it installed, who installs it – few mechanics have the knowledge to service electric vehicles, where is it disposed of, how long does it take to charge a battery, how far will an average go, etc.?
I’ve been told a westerner can’t travel east due to a battery’s travel distance and the lack of electrical charging stations.
I want to be an environmentalist but I don’t know if batteries can be recycled … and electricity is made from a fuel. Please address my concerns and convince me to buy.
Dave Dedrick