Readers can view recent delegation to Council in its entirety

In response to our receiving Letters to the Editor regarding a recent delegation to Council by Patricia Frank on the proposed Cedar Crescent Village (CCV), we thought it would benefit our readers to view the meeting in its entirety and, particularly, for those who may not have tuned into the meeting on April 26th.

Mayor Luke Charbonneau says that he “… finds this perspective perplexing and not at all reflective of what actually took place at the meeting.  A viewing of this recording clearly shows that Council members listened respectfully to Ms Frank and that three members of Council offered comments in response to her delegation.”
“I think that any frequent observer of Saugeen Shores Council meetings would conclude that Ms Frank was given the same level of attention and respect that any delegation would receive when appearing before our Council,” adds Mayor Charbonneau.

The Frank delegation begins at 30:20.