re:Fashion – a unique exhibit of fashion-inspired art at Bruce County Museum

Once again Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre has brought in a stunning exhibit of artefacts, “re-fashion”, in collaboration with the Wellington County Museum and Archives.

Mayor Luke Charbonneau attended the opening gala of the exhibit on Saturday, January 18th, saying that he is “… always amazed at the innovative creativity of the artists and how they create incredible works of art.  We are also so appreciative of being able to work with Wellington County Museum to bring this wonderful exhibit here.  We always recognize the incredible work that is done by our Museum staff and volunteers in bringing exhibits like this to our community.”

The fibre art creations by Connection Fibre Artists’ tell a story of fashion, form and function.  ‘Connection Fibre Artists’ is a Canadian collective of fibre artists who formed the group in 1999 and the exhibit is a celebration of its 20th anniversary.

The artists drew from the Wellington archives to create their works of art with each piece not only being unique but each has a story behind its creation and what inspired the artist to create it.

        Punk/Shakespearean by Wendy O’Brien, a theatre costume designer

Wendy O’Brien chose a fan as inspiration and interpreted it as the Mohawk head piece along with the Elizabethan collar.  She used papier-mache with plaster coating, paper, medical waste tube and tubing, feathers, beads and lace dollies.

Among the very unusual pieces is the beautiful, dainty christening dress created with tea bags, thread, knitting and hand stitching.  Sybil Rampen the artist says that her family has a tradition of christening dresses and she was fascinated with the use of tea bags in stitchery.  The Bruce County Museum has placed the piece perfectly under an air intake so that the tea bag skirt flutters in the air current.



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The exhibit is closed due to private function on:
January 22, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
February 6, closing at 4:00 p.m.
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