Restoring the connection between forests and humans as part of community

by Nancie Darlington-Smith

Upon arriving at the site of the Town of Saugeen Shores tree planting blitz adjacent to the Dog Park, seeing people of all ages placing 400 trees of 12 different species for their imminent planting, it was clear that documentation of this event that will transform the environment, providing visitors with a relaxing experience and sets the stage for additional community plants as part of ecological restoration for the future, was necessary.

Neighbourhood families came out on this beautiful fall day, armed with shovels of all sizes for their children, and much enthusiasm for transforming the public space, and with an awareness of the value of trees and forests as wonderful places to connect to Nature through exploration.

In his welcome, Town of Saugeen Shores’ Park Manager, Frank Burrows acknowledged that this restoration project was made possible by a grant from Tree Canada, sponsored through LCBO’s Spirit of Sustainability program and introduced Donald Craig, a Forest Specialist with Tree Canada, building on 37 years managing deciduous forests and plantations.

In addition to the role of forests in supporting wildlife and supply oxygen we breath, Craig reminded the volunteers of their important in “supplying the oxygen we breath, materials for the houses we live, food on our tables, as well as all of the myriad of wildlife that depend on those trees for survival, either as … READ MORE