Rotary Club of Saugeen Shores welcomes new members

Rotary Club of Saugeen Shores continues to grow after inducting three new members on Thursday, August 18th (2022).

Club Membership Chair, Ed Braun, welcomed the new members saying that Rotarians are committed to changing the world locally and internationally.  He explained that there are 1.4 million Rotarians in 46,000 clubs around the world and 700 in Canada alone.

    Membership Chair Ed Braun             welcomes new Rotarians

“Rotary brings out the best of the human spirit,” said Braun.  “Through our efforts we strengthen our understanding of ethics, cultural awareness, people skills and the desire and ability to serve.  Rotary creates a more positive environment for the world’s understanding of peace. When we started this Rotary Club back in January, 2021, we were focused on COVID-19 and staying healthy and did not expect that a year later we would still be living through the remnants of the pandemic as well as other humanitarian crises – the war in Ukraine, environmental disasters and, in response, Rotarians have taken action. ”

He pointed out that Rotary Clubs quickly mobilized to bring aid to those affected by the disasters in British Columbia, Haiti and the Ukraine.  “Most people know that Rotary has worked to eradicate polio and it is still a primary goal despite it being at the lowest level in history with one in Africa, one in Afghanistan and eight in Pakistan.  Around the world, Rotarians are embracing the environment and working toward promoting literacy and a global partnership for education is helping girls go to school and there are many more initiatives.”

He said that the new members, in accepting membership, agree to carry the duty of adopting the ideals and principles of service that Rotarians hold dear and, that while membership into Rotary is an honour it involves obligations.

“We ask the you keep the primary object of Rotary at the forefront – Service Above Self and that the you live by the four-way test of 1) Is it the truth; 2) Is it fair to all concerned; 3) Will it build goodwill and better friendships; 4) Will it be beneficial to all concerned.

The community will judge Rotary through your example of character and service and we accept you into Rotary because we feel that the principles and objectives of Rotary will be safe in your keeping.  We know that we’ll received much from you in helping, service and leadership which will help us to be better Rotarians.”

Each of the new members was sponsored by a current Rotary member and received their Rotary pins and certificates from President Pat O’Connor at the induction ceremony held at Westlinks Golf Club.

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                                                                               New Rotarians
                                       (L) Brad Niblett, Mike Craig and Steve Cole with Pres. Pat O’Connor