Royal Canadian Air Cadets Griffin Squadron 340 of Port Elgin celebrates 44 years

The Royal Canadian Air Cadets Griffin Squadron 340 of Port Elgin (Saugeen Shores) held its 44th Annual Review on June 4th.

              RCAF Cadets Griffin Squadron 340 with Commanding Officer Cpt. Bruce Shoettler(R)                                                                                      For larger view, Click on Image

The Cadets marched past proud family members and the reviewing party made up of  Commanding Officer Capt. Bruce Schoettler and special guests MP Ben Lobb Huron-Bruce and Air Command Chief Warrant Officer, CWO John Hall, Alex Taylor of Port Elgin Legion, Mike Jukes Branch of Southampton Legion Branch 155, Squadron director Roxanne Schwandt and Sponsoring Committee Chair Brian Rye.

                                            Reviewing Party arrives led by MP Ben Lobb

For larger view, Click on Image

   WO1 Curtis Metcalf asks special guest MP Ben Lobb to review the Squadron – For larger view, Click on Image
                                     MP Ben Lobb leads Reviewing Party on Squadron inspection

In addition to a march-past, cadets also performed a rifle demonstration and received a variety of awards and recognition.

In addressing the Squadron, MP Ben Lobb said that Cadets is one of the best programs that a young person can go into.   “The leadership, the structure and the programming has provided the basis for some of the great leaders for our country going forward, whether in the Forces, in business or whatever your chosen career is. You will look back on your experience in the Cadet program and it will be one of the foundations of who you will become.  During the review, each of you looked me right in the eye which is a lost trait for many young people today, and you spoke directly.  These are all just the beginning of the great leadership traits that you are learning.”

Air Command Chief Warrant Officer, John Hall, who was originally from Port Elgin, said that he still maintains many of the friendships that he made as a young cadet.  “Founded in 1941, the Air Cadets is the premier youth program in Canada and, with the emphasis that the program places on citizenship, leadership, fitness and public speaking, Cadets are well prepared when they move on from their Cadet training. I served with many Armed Forces personnel who were Cadets and who have gone on to build successful careers in the civilian sector.  Whatever road you choose to pursue in life, I am confident that your time in the 340 Squadron will provide a solid foundation.”

Hall went on to say that he serves as the key advisor to the Commander and is responsible for the quality of life for the nearly 15,000 RCAF members.  “Every day, I get to see the great accomplishments of your Air Force here in Canada and around the world.  On April 1, 2024, the Royal Canadian Air Force will celebrate its 100th Anniversary and, as we lead up to that important milestone, we’ll take opportunities to celebrate historic figures from the first one hundred years, such as Billy Bishop and the lesser known World War II flying ace, James ‘Stocky’ Edwards, who recently died at the age of 101.”

He also pointed out that Colonel Jeremy Hansen, a former cadet, F18 pilot and a Canadian Space Agency astronaut has been selected by NASA for the next space flight and “… he will be the first Canadian to orbit the moon”.

“To the officers and staff, I want to thank you for your commitment to the program and your leadership is key to the success of the Squadron.  To the parents, I want to thank you for supporting your child’s decision to participate and hope that you continue to see the growth through their participation in Cadets.”