Royal Canadian Legion Branch 340: July Newsletter

Well summer is here at last. Let’s hope it is a good one with lots of sun but enough rain to keep things green.

We had our last General Meeting in June and I regret to say it was very poorly attended. However, we did manage to get all the outstanding business done.

The next General Meeting will be in September and I hope more members will attend. During July and August the Executive will be looking after any business or problems that may come up.

We are having a huge problem with getting our members and friends to come to the Branch. Of the 400 plus members there are only about 75 that come in on a regular basis. I am asking you, the Branch members, if you could suggest a way to get more members in. What are we doing wrong and what can we do to get more members in the building? We have a steady string of requests for donations to the many organizations that we have in our community that include our local service groups and local area hospitals, but we cannot support them without your help.

Come visit the Branch as we have the best prices in Town and enjoy our air conditioned Club Room. Next time you are out and about consider dropping in for a visit.

President Robert Harrison

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