Saugeen Central School honours the sacrifices made for our peace

Port Elgin Saugeen Central School (PESCE) continues to honour the sacrifices made for our peace in Canada and to honour those who sacrificed for world freedom.

PESCE students took up the challenge this year to honour and remember Canadian soldiers in spite of being in the middle of a pandemic. This Ms. Weigand’s grade one class who created a 3D representation of each student holding a poppy.

Mlle Boyko and Mme Lefebvre’s kindergarten class asked parents to share close and extended family members who have or are presently serving in the military.

The outside of the school was a combined effort of all classes working to create a cascade of poppies and to lay wreathes in front of the butterfly garden.

The collage of a soldier had each grade 5/6 FI student contribute to a small portion to create an impactful image.  English kindergarten students worked on defining PEACE.