Saugeen Fire Department answers another paddle board call

For the second time in a week, Saugeen Shores Fire Department was called out for a paddle boarder in distress on Tuesday, July 20th.

                                                    Zodiac is ready to go at Port Elgin Harbour

The individual was at MacGregor Park main beach when he was caught in an offshore breeze and began to struggle to try to get back to shore.

   (C) Fire Chief Phil Eagleson (white hat) discusses the situation with his                                                           volunteers

“We sent units out to search the shoreline,” said Fire Chief Phil Eagleson, “and fortunately, he did make it back to shore.  He was exhausted but thankfully, other than that, he was in good health.”

The first incident on July 13th did not turn out as well as the paddle boarder drowned at Port Elgin Main Beach.