Saugeen Memorial Hospital Site Manager retires

For Donna Chappell it was a bittersweet day on Friday (July 21st) as she officially retired and set out to begin a new chapter in her life.

For the past 22 years, she has worked at Saugeen Memorial Hospital and, for the past eleven and a half years was the Site Manager who made everyday run smoothly.

It was accolades all around as colleagues, present and retired, gathered at the Hospital for a retirement farewell.

                                                  Donna Chappell (L) and colleagues

Chappell worked as a nurse in a variety of roles including Intensive Care and Burn Unit before beginning her career at Saugeen Memorial Hospital. In an emotional tribute, she said,  “I remember I would stand outside the Emergency and think … this is special.  I was asked, ‘what is it about that old building?’,  but it’s about Southampton and the people.  It is very special, so keep it and embrace it.”