Saugeen Shores asks for more feedback on North Shore Park tourism proposal

Original train goes around the final curve and eases into the station in Port Elgin (Cir. 1975) – station was located at current splash pad parking

The deadline to respond to the survey regarding the proposed North Shore Park train and plans for the project is fast approaching – May 12th at 4:30

The proposal brought forward by local resident Scott Pearson lays out his plans for the development of amenities surrounding the return of the steam train that previously operated in the Park.

To ready the proposal in its entirety, CLICK HERE.

The Town is asking the public to provide comment on the return of the historic Port Elgin and North Shore Park train, along with the plans for the project, through a survey issued on April 24th (2023).  While the train has been the main focus, Pearson also presented his proposal for several ‘amenities’/’attractions’ as part of his business proposal.

    Train route – For larger view, Click on Image

Residents are asked to: 

      a) become informed by reading the proposal and staff report and then  
      b) click on the survey link to indicate whether they support or disagree with the                       proposal  

On the survey, respondents are asked to provide brief comments and suggestions.