Saugeen Shores fire trucks in top condition

                                            Fire truck maintenance on-going 

Every year, pumping fire trucks have to be tested and have maintenance work performed.

Recently, Saugeen Shores Fire Service was spotted at Port Elgin Harbour where the roar of water drew attention.

According to Atkinson, there are only four companies in Ontario that are certified to provide the mandatory service on pumper trucks and, over the course of two days, both Southampton and Port Elgin station trucks were tested.

The standard in Canada and the U.S. is 5,000 litres per minute.  “Saugeen Shores’ trucks are at and above the standard rating,” adds Atkinson. “At full load capacity, for instance, our Southampton truck yesterday released 6,000 litres per minute.

Several tests are required ranging from 70 per cent to 50 per cent and an overload capacity.  During all of the tests the discharge pressure, intake pressure and, most importantly, engine speed (r.p.m.) are all recorded.

Pump reactions can indicate any one of a number of problems from a water intake problem to an intake hose collapse of an equipment failure due to a worn impeller or impeller wear rings.  If the overload test fails, then it can indicate a more serious engine problem.

“We are so fortunate to have this resource location where we can test the flow capacity of our trucks,” said Rob Atkinson, Fire Prevention Officer. “Some services have to use a pool to do the testing.”

Atkinson said he was confident that Saugeen Shores Fire trucks are in top condition and are very well maintained.