Saugeen Shores hits quarterly target for major initiatives

CAO Kara Van Myall says the Town is on schedule to meet its Business Plan priorities for 2022.  Van Myall presented a first quarter report to the Town’s Committee of the Whole on Monday highlighting the details of 38 Major Initiatives.

“The report shows the Major Initiatives trending at around 30% completion, “said Van Myall. “That is slightly ahead of where we would plan to be three months into the year.”

Highlights of the report included:

– Implementing the first steps of the Municipal Service Delivery Review
– Issuing a Request for Proposal for the Town’s new Aquatic Facility
– Putting the finishing touches on Phase I of the Lamont Sports Park
– Putting staff and resources in place to finish cleaning up the waterfront after last September’s storm, including replacing harbour docks, and refurbishing North Shore Park and the North Shore Trail
– Drafting a new procurement policy and updating financial and support software for municipal staff
– Completion of the Environmental Assessment for the Southampton Water Pollution Control Plan

“All of this work reflects a municipality that is expanding and modernizing,” said Mayor Luke Charbonneau.  “These changes will improve the quality of life for residents, while maintaining service levels and helping to achieve appropriate growth.”

The Major Initiatives were presented to Council earlier this year as part of the 2022 Business Plan that guides the Town’s priorities and work for the year ahead. Managing and supporting growth is a key focus of the Plan, including developing commercial and industrial land, such as Innovation Park, addressing housing issues by streamlining approvals, advancing infrastructure development, managing parkland and other natural assets.