Saugeen Shores makes changes to parking By-laws

At the June 22, 2020 Committee of the Whole meeting, staff presented a Report regarding the proposed update to the Parking By-law. Since that time, letters (274) were directly mailed to those who have property on either side of any road with proposed parking changes.

Comments received include:

  • Request to install bike lanes on Waterloo Street instead of on-street parking to focus on cyclists and pedestrians as opposed to vehicles
  • Request to reconsider parking on both sides of Bricker Street due to volume and speed
  • Questions about the meaning of boulevard parking and specifically where private property ends and who maintains the area if grass
  • No parking on the west side of Huron Street at South Street should be considered  No parking on Concession 10 west of the trail access
  • How to enforce no parking on private lands on Lambert Lane?
  • The parking on Joseph Street is too congested at Waterloo Street.

Following the many comments received several changes have been made to the parking By-law.

Among some of the changes are:

  • Chantry View Drive:  On the south side of street, there is only the opportunity for one (possibly two) parking spaces on the boulevard and with concerns of maintenance of the grass, staff are removing this proposal and will revert to the no parking on both sides of the street for Chantry View Drive from Lake Street to Huron Street.
  • Lambert Lane:  The portion of the boulevard that is required by the home owners is only 500mm wide, and therefore the majority of the parking is to be provided on private property. The property owners who have constructed parking pads on their property have done so with the Town’s permission to utilize this 500mm. The Town does not have the ability to regulate parking on private property and in the modern subdivisions, the 500mm intrusion on the right of way can also exist. Some properties have yet to construct parking on their property and therefore it is proposed that the by-law remain as is, with the loading/unloading time limit in force for the west side of Lambert Lane.
  • Waterloo Street:  It is not proposed to make any changes to the original proposal. Waterloo Street is 8.5m wide and classified as a Collector Street, the same as Bricker Street. Allowing parking on one side of the street may have the effect of slow traffic, but it will also allow for more parking in the downtown. There are entrances, lanes and driveways that will limit the amount of cars parked on the east side.

Unfortunately, one of the issues raised was the traffic congestion on Huron Street in Southampton, particularly, at the beach access points.  According to nearby residents, Huron at Bay Street has become a binding traffic issue where cyclists and vehicles must try to manoeuvre the tight space when cars are parked on either side of Huron Street.  Cyclists are forced to swerve out around parked cars facing oncoming traffic and vehicles must, on their honour, also yield to oncoming traffic.  This specific intersection was apparently not considered.






For the complete list of parking changes,  CLICK HERE.