Saugeen Shores Ministerial message – Rev. Heather Davies

Once again, at this time, we are offering words of comfort from local Ministerial leaders in this time of Lent and as we draw closer to Easter.

Today, March 29th, we present both music and message from Southampton United Church, Mount Hope United Church and Paisley Knox United Church.

“The Covid-19 numbers continue to rise, yet still we worship.  We worship and give thanks for all the blessings in our lives, our family, our friends our nation that is doing all it can to support us in these exceptional times.  We worship to find community and support to shore us up through these difficult days.   I know that these are fearful and anxious times but I also know that God is with us, we are not alone. Let’s keep each other in prayer through this week.  Remember that in this time we have members who are facing cancer treatments, those struggling with loneliness and depression, and those who are ill.  Remember it is to God you belong” … Rev. Heather Davies

A huge thank you to Meryl Gillmore and Christina Edwards on piano for their musical contribution.