Saugeen Shores Police carry out traffic initiative in school zones

On April 3rd, 2019 the Saugeen Shores Police Service conducted enhanced high visibility enforcement of school zones.  Officers were assigned to crosswalks and other areas where students, or other pedestrians, may be walking before and after school.

Officers conducted 25 directed patrols between April 3rd and April 24th .  During this time frame there was 14 actual school days.

Officers investigated 14 various offences during this targeted time period of before and after school.

The ultimate measure of any traffic initiative is compliance. This is gained through high visibility presence of police vehicles creating an immediate deterrence.  Saugeen Shores officers have been proactively patrolling school zones for several years.

Offences Breakdown

  • Stop Sign – 5
  • Expired Validation – 1
  • Speeding – 5
  • Amber Light Fail to Stop – 1
  • Improper Tires – 1
  • School Bus Stop Arm – 1