Saugeen Shores Sting U10 get off to a rousing season start

The U10 Girls Underwood Financial Saugeen Shores Sting 2021 Season officially got underway this past Sunday, July 11th as they hosted the Guelph Gators for two exhibition games at Jubilee Park in Southampton.

You could feel the excitement in the air as the first game got underway with Elliana Cameron pitching for Sting and Janey Harris catching. Whether she was nervous or not, you never would have been able to tell as Cameron adeptly demonstrated her burgeoning skills with two strike-outs and proceeded to get the team’s first single of the game.

Elliana Cameron shows her pitching prowess

The team continued during the second and third innings with some exceptional pitching from Peyton Myatt and Brynlie Wilcox.

Brynlie Wilcox shows her winning batter’s stance

In the field and at home plate, the girls quickly got over their first game jitters to rally and come back to win the game at the bottom of the last inning with a final score of 13-12.

The girls continued to build on their winning momentum during their second exhibition game against the Guelph Gators at 12:30pm.

The game started with Brooke Lamont pitching and Penelope Martin catching. With Brooke’s strikeout and some notable plays by the infielders to first baseman Peyton Myatt, the young athletes held the Gators to only two runs after the first inning. The exceptional pitching continued in the second and third innings with Olivia Clark garnering two strike-outs and Lane Topham three strike-outs to end the game.

                                  Lane Topham strikes out three
                                                         Brooke Lamont ‘lambastes’ one

Add to that the girls’ patience at the plate and some notable base hits by Brooke Lamont and Elliana Cameron and our young Sting team took the second game as well with a final score of 15-4.

Spirits were high as the young athletes left the field and we look forward to more from these girls at their next game, which will be their first league play game versus Stratford on Saturday, July 17th at 11:00 a.m. at Jubilee Park in Southampton.