Saugeen Shores sweeps Provincial Lifesaving Championships

It takes strength, skill, athleticism and determination to become what is a qualified lifesaving/lifeguard.

After three days of intense competition at the Ontario Provincial Lifesaving Championships held at Port Elgin and Southampton beaches, Saugeen Shores came out with a sweeping club win, both in the Junior and Adult categories.

          Saugeen Shores Junior Lifesaving Champions (submitted by Jane Barrett)

It was the third time that Saugeen Shores hosted the event but was the first win in the Adult category. Ten clubs across Ontario were represented including larger urban Clubs such as Ottawa, Richmond Hill, Rouge Valley, Markham and Guelph.  Saugeen Shores however, achieved a huge individual medal count (numbers not yet in) before sweeping the overall team Championships.

                            Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club overall Provincial Champions for 2019

More than 200 athletes, coaches and families descended on Saugeen Shores for the Provincial championships under three days of perfect weather and filled local accommodations, with many extending their visit to make it a vacation.

From swimming to surf ski and paddleboard in addition to land training, the events require strength, agility and … above all speed.

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The championship featured a wide variety of events on both Port Elgin and Southampton beaches.  Port Elgin hosted all water-related competitions while in Southampton, at the foot of Chantry View Drive, it was all about land-training.

Some of the SSLC athletes have a short breathing space and then are off to the National competitions in Nova Scotia this week.

With all races carefully monitored and timed, according to Lifesaving Society officials, “What is also needed are volunteers and, once again, Saugeen Shores displayed a contingent that is second to none.”

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