Saugeen Shores U10 Girls Sting rise to the challenge

The weekend did not start well for our U10 Girls Underwood Financial Saugeen Shores Sting team as their regularly scheduled Saturday game was cancelled due to inclement weather. Luckily on Sunday, the skies cleared, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day for a ball game. There was only one game scheduled for our U10 team, but it was an important one as they hosted Milton for their second Provincial Bracket game. Having lost their first Bracket game, it was do or die for this young team and they certainly rose to the challenge.

The game started with Elliana Cameron pitching and Janey Harris catching. After walking the first two batters, Cameron found her groove and struck out the next two batters and then a third, preventing Milton from scoring a run. As our Sting team picked up their bats, they showed their developing skills at the plate with some great hits by Brooke Lamont, Elliana Cameron and a great bunt by Olivia Clark to finish the bottom of the first scoring nine runs.

                                                                  Brooke Lamont strikes out two

The girls made quick work of the top of the second inning with Brooke Lamont striking out two batters and a great play by catcher Maelle Wiles who had a great throw to second baseman Peyton Myatt, who tagged the Milton player trying to steal, for the third out.

                                               Peyton Myatt tags out player on 2nd

The girls ended the third inning and the game with Peyton Myatt pitching and garnering three strike outs and some notable hits by Lane Topham, Peyton Myatt and Penelope Martin.

                                              Lane Topham lambastes the ball

It was a great day for a ball game indeed and a great learning experience for all as the U10 Sting team won the day with a final score of 19-0.

The excitement continues next Tuesday, August 3rd in Clifford as the girls get to move on to a third Provincial Bracket game against Oakville.