SDSS Trades students learn through hands-on

Saugeen District Secondary School (SDSS)teacher Bud Halpin is continually looking for projects for his students so that they can develop hands-on skills in the building trades.

Teacher Bud Halpin (C) directs students to move scaffold

Recently, the students have been constructing two utility sheds for the Bluewater Board of Education to be located at Saugeen Central Public School in Port Elgin.

(L) Nathan Van Myall, Victoria Clark and Ethan MacKinnon

In the process, they have learned to shingle a roof, install siding and measure and cut aluminium sheeting for soffits.

Students have also been heavily involved in creating a new pavilion at Coulter Parkette in the downtown core of Port Elgin similar to the one they built at Fairy Lake in Southampton.

Brooke Thorne makes sure wood is well sanded
Brandon Kirkland and Koby Kimewon measure and cut soffit sheeting