Shop with a Cop – a fun lesson in helping others

Once again, Rotary Clubs and Saugeen Shores Police Service have combined to not only help the Food Bank in this season of need but also to teach young people about responsibility and the value of helping others in their community through the annual ‘Shop with a Cop’.

                         Waiting for the clock countdown to begin! (Click on Image for larger view)                     

Two Grade 6 students were chosen from each of Saugeen Shores’ four elementary schools to go on a shopping spree with each school duo teaming up with a Cop.  The challenge however, was to shop for exactly $100 worth of groceries for the Food Bank without going over limit.  The students were permitted, a notebook, pencil/pen and a calculator but had to be quick as they were only allotted 30 minutes.  In addition, they had to choose items most needed by families who frequent the Food Bank.

The Teams
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The shopping was funded by Southampton and Port Elgin Rotary Clubs and, in recognition of the students’ efforts, the winning School was given a $100 donation to the School Library. The three other participating schools received $50 dollars each.

Scott Rowland of Rowland’s Independent Grocer once again generously offered the store as the shopping spree location and donated an additional $100 bonus gift card to the winning school’s basket, so that the Food bank received up to $500 in total from this single event.

The Winning Team from G. C. Huston of Southampton

These ladies know how to shop coming in at $98.90        Ava Burgess & Alexis Rennick shopped with                                 Const. Sue Briggs

The fun for everyone was in the shopping!

                                         Everybody ..,. especially the Food Bank … was a WINNER!
Southampton Rotary President Rob Hughes (L) and Port Elgin President Steve          Dennison (R) handed out the cheques to each school – calling everyone a                                                              WINNER