Smoke and CO2 alarms save lives

With the rising number of fire related deaths in Ontario the Saugeen Shores Fire Department is getting creative in delivering important fire safety messages.

Portable information signs have been installed in Port Elgin and Southampton to hopefully prompt residences to test and inspect their Smoke Alarms.

Installing and maintaining working smoke alarms has been the law for many years but some people are still not getting it!

People are still dying in house fires from not having working Smoke Alarms. This is unacceptable!

There are several contributing factors that lead to today’s fires rapidly engulfing a home. For instance, in the past, furniture was mainly made of natural fiber materials such as leather chairs and sofas, metal and glass tables, and cotton drapes. Furnishings today are typically synthetically based, such as microsuede upholstered chairs and couches, polyester drapes, and veneer wood paneling and tables.  The synthetically based furniture of today contributes to accelerated fire growth and spread in today’s homes. Synthetic fuel loads, petrochemical-based contents and building materials create intense fire loads.

Thirty years ago you would have 17 minutes to escape but, with today’s modern construction, you only have 3 – 4 minutes to get out if a fire occurs.

Having working Smoke Alarms provides early detection allowing time for occupants to escape.