Social Work Week begins with the theme #More Than Ever

March 7th to 13th is Social Work Week in Ontario. It’s an opportunity for the profession to come together through engaging virtual events, advance our shared goals through collective advocacy, and celebrate and spotlight social workers’ essential contributions towards ensuring mental health access for all Ontarians.

The 2022 Social Work Week theme is #MoreThanEver. Two years into the pandemic, there is unprecedented need for mental health care and support across Ontario and social workers are on the front lines of recovery, providing vital support and guidance to those dealing with burnout, stress, trauma and anxiety.

Social workers support communities navigating various challenges, including family violence, addictions, caregiver stress, abuse and bullying. They use their unique expertise to identify causes of stress, help with the development of coping skills, find solutions to problems and connect people with the resources they need.

The Association of Social workers are members of the Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) and help to enhance the health-care system and people’s overall quality of life by helping them participate more fully in relationships, work, home, and community life.

National Social Workers Day is celebrated on the third Tuesday in March.

The theme for Social Work Month this year is ‘The Time is Right for Social Work.