Something ‘fishy’ in Port Elgin

Port Elgin’s Lake Huron Fishing Club (LHFC) volunteers were out in full force on Thursday, April 18th when the Ministry of Natural Resource & Fisheries (MNRF) brought in hundreds of fish to the Port Elgin Town Pond.

     LHFC volunteers received some advice from MNR’s Craig Todd about proper net lifting                                                                            techniques

The fish were brought from Chatsworth fish hatchery by the MNRF in a tanker truck to enable children 16 and under to have a place to fish that is safe and where they will be guaranteed to experience catching a Brook or Brown trout.  On Thursday, MNR brought in a tanker truck with 550 Brook (Speckled) trout and 250 Brown trout that the volunteers then unloaded using nets.

                                                Tanker truck arrives

The hatchery is supported by Ontario Power Generation (OPG) each year with a donation of $5,000.  “OPG supported us again this year,” said Kelly Mullen, “when Lynda Cain of OPG presented us with their annual cheque (at an earlier date) for which we are very grateful.”

OPG donates to fishery project: (L-R) Wayne Weatherall, Jerry Furand, Robert   Harrison, Dick Verrips, Dave Myette and Kelly Mullen (OPG Lynda Cain absent)

For more than 30 years, the LHFC Chinook Hatchery in Port Elgin raises and cares for thousands of Salmon (fry) from eggs collected each fall from returning salmon at the Mill Dam in Owen Sound.  The eggs are then cared for in the Port Elgin Hatchery until they hatch and then are released into various rivers that lead to Lake Huron.

The hatchery itself is run by two water supplies – the Town Pond, which is the hatchery’s preferred supply because of it’s natural spring water that bubbles up from the bottom.  The other supply is from a well because it is warmer and, therefore, the ratio can be adjusted to give an optimal temperature of 9 to 10 degree water.

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The Club is always looking for volunteers.   For more information or to volunteer, contact the LHFC at 519-389-4474 or by e-mail at